Aquatic Feed Processing Line

When we set out to design this aquatic feed processing line, we made a point to create a process that would go gentle on the feeds trying not to break any of them. This is to maintain the structural integrity of the feeds so that it would take longer for them to dissolve in water. A gentle production process produces better quality feeds to the shrimp and fish, contributing to their healthy growth.

Qidong Machinery as a global leader in the aquaculture feed industry produces all sorts of feeds to saltwater fish, freshwater fish, and shrimps. A pre-conditioning system is added to our aquatic feed processing line, placed just ahead of the extruder (pellet mill) to make feeds more suitable for subsequent processes. This process greatly improves productivity all the while reducing energy consumption.

Our aquatic feed processing line is well-known for the tender, nutritious foods it produces that are easy to chew and digest by various species of fish and shrimps, including the clown fish, catfish, flowerhorn cichlid, anglefish, betta fish, and prawn.

Production Line Specs
Model no.: SPH 65, 90A, 90B, 100A, 100B, 120
Process: Pre-conditioning (cooking under high temperature and pressure), extrusion
Net weight: 2~10MT
Installed power: 22--315 KW
Voltage: As per customer requirements in different countries and regions
Productivity: 100~7000 KG/H
Feed diameter: 0.8-14mm, forcing feeds through the holes of custom-designed die
Floating feeds: stay on the water surface for at least 72 hours
Sinking feeds: keep their original shape for around 3 hours
(Moisture content: around 20%-25%, fat content: ≤10%, starch content: ≥30%)
Certifications: CE, ISO

Process Flow

1. Cleaning
Dust Collector
Magnetic Drum
Drum Pre-cleaner
Gyratory Screener
2. Crushing
Hammer Mill
3. Material Flow Distribution
Rotary Distributor
4. Mixing
5. Pre-conditioning, Extrusion
Twin-Screw Extruder

6. Conveying
Bucket Elevator
7. Drying
Pellet Dryer
8. Coating
Fat coater
9. Cooling
Pellet Cooler
10. Packing
Packing Machine

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