At Qidong Machinery, we have been consistently putting ourselves to the manufacture and sale of food and feed processing lines. Above all, our main concern is the production of a machine that solves customer's challenges in pelleted feed or extruded food manufacturing. Whatever your requirements are, our researchers and developers can put together a complete system to meet them, which is backed up our integrated after-sales service and life-time service guarantee. Qidong Machinery, your peace of mind.

Pre-Sales Service
1. Provides free-of-charge technical consultation and price quotation.
2. Supplies standard equipment layout and process flow drawings.
3. Works out feasible solutions to customer challenges. Selects the right equipment and provides the right processing line design.
4. Gives a warm reception to factory visitors.

Sales Service
1. Helps customers design a factory layout and installation drawing. Provides consultation services.
2. Check over the quality of the entire food or feed processing line before shipping it out.
3. Arrange oversea installation and commissioning service. When equipment arrives at your factory, we send technicians to your site for installation and commissioning.
4. Trains operators from client companies.
5. Provides food or feed recipes.

After-sales Service
1. 24/7 tele-support
2. Free-of-charge technical consultation on production line upgrade
3. Engineers deliver on-site guide service.
4. Quality guarantee. All equipment carries with it a one-year warranty. Problem equipment will be repaired free of charge during the warranty period as long as the problem is not caused by human factors. When machine problems do occur due to human errors within the warranty period, we can work with customers to repair the machine while charging only a cost price. For problems arising beyond the warranty period, we'll immediately ask our engineers to solve them by video-chat or going to your site in person. This service, however, is not free.
5. Replacement parts. We maintain a sufficient supply of replacement parts for equipment we sell. They are available at an attractive price.

Other Service
1. Packing
Unless specified, stretch films will be used to simply pack up the equipment. We can use wood crates and pellets of course upon your request.
2. Lead Time
We'll let you know in advance of the accurate lead time based on our production plan.
3. Shipping
According to contract terms, we'll work with customers to arrange shipping activities, helping them select the fastest and safest shipping manner.