Poultry Feed Processing Line

Qidong Machinery as a leader in the global food equipment industry offers everything manufacturers need to produce ruminant feeds, from individual animal feed equipment to complete feed production systems. Our wealth of experience will also give you an insight into starting a feed production facility.

For those who are new to ruminant feed manufacturing, our turnkey project service is sure to benefit you. All production equipment aside, we also help you find out the best layout and production flow for your new plant.

Our range of ruminant feed equipment is one of the widest and most complete in the industry, including the hammer mill, paddle mixer, pellet mill, extruder, electric control, and end-of-line packaging system, etc.

Ruminants including cattle, goats, pigs, and poultry have digestive systems and nutritional requirements that are uniquely different from one another. Because of that, we offer to customize your poultry feed processing line producing feeds that best fit specific ruminant's taste.

Below is a list of ruminant feed production systems that we made for customers.
1-20t/h swine feed processing line
1-20t/h cattle feed processing line
1-20t/h sheep feed processing line
1-20t/h chicken feed processing line

Ruminant Feed Production System Components
Hammer mill
Pellet Mill
Mechanical Cooker
Pellet Cooler
Pellet Dryer
Pellet Crusher
Gyratory Screener
Fat Coater
Dust Collector
Bucket Elevator
Control Cabinet
Packaging and Weighing Machine
Flow Distribution (Inlet and Outlet Gate, Pneumatic Three-Way Valve)
Auxiliary components

Ruminant Feed Production Turnkey Project
1. Ruminant Feed Production Facility
1. Size of production run
2. Manufacturing process and equipment
3. Control method
4. Plant design
5. Plant layout plan

2. Pre-Mixed Poultry Feed Processing Line
Pre-mixed feed manufacturing can reach 1 to 20 tons per hour on this production line, producing either poultry feed or livestock feed. The high-precision batching system ensures trace elements or medicines of various kinds are accurately weighed before being added to the feed. The addition of those ingredients improves the ability of animals to prevent and fight against illness. The pre-mixed poultry feed processing line delivers a high level of flexibility, as it produces animal feeds on demand that suit a specific animal's taste.

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