Quality Control

Quality control at Qidong is a systematic effort that starts from engineering inspection, goes through raw material quality check and process control and, ends up with final quality inspection.

Engineering Inspection
Engineers are charged with the task of putting together a reasonable, scientific food machine design based on customer specific requirements and feasibility tests. According to that design, they go on to work out the entire process flow to turn their design idea into reality.

Supplier Eligibility
We at Qidong make raw material quality a top priority. When we start to purchase raw materials and parts, we would first create a list of eligible raw material suppliers and pick out only the best among them after close inspection and comparison. We keep a file of each material supplier we choose, and make sure we have at least 3 suppliers on hand for the same parts we are about to purchase.

Process Control
Production is carried out in strict accordance with technical documents provided by our engineers. Components coming off each process need to be marked as to whether they qualify for subsequent process or not. Key parts of the machine should be fully traceable.

Raw Material and Final Product Inspection
We assign specialized inspectors to the inspection of raw materials and parts. When the batch to be inspected gets big, we'll carry out sampling inspection while still making sure at least 30% of items from that batch are inspected. All outsourced key parts and high precision components need to be checked without exception.

In-house produced parts need to go through four stages of inspection, self-check, mutual check, re-check, and overall check. Parts failing to pass any one of these checks should be reworked.

Finished food processing equipment must pass the trial-run in our factory before shipping out. There are times when we are unable to pre-assemble the processing line for final inspection. In that case, all machines making up the food processing line need to be tested and after they arrive at customer site, we offer to install the entire food or feed production line making sure it runs properly. Until then, our technicians won't leave your factory.