Feed Extrusion Plant
Qidong can provide you various food processing solutions, whether it is of animal feed or extruded food. We are a trustworthy partner for snack food manufacturers, poultry food manufacturers, pet food companies etc.
Qidong Machinery as a leader in the global food equipment industry offers everything manufacturers need to produce ruminant feeds, from individual animal feed equipment to complete feed production systems. Our wealth of experience will also give you an insight into starting a feed production facility.
A variety of pet foods can be produced on the pellet mill line, including dog food, cat food, bird food, and bird food. Unique to this pet food production process is the feed extrusion procedure whereby the mash feed is expanded while quickly vaporizing the moisture in it using a combination of dry and wet extrusion methods.
When we set out to design this aquatic feed processing line, we made a point to create a process that would go gentle on the feeds trying not to break any of them. This is to maintain the structural integrity of the feeds so that it would take longer for them to dissolve in water. A gentle production process produces better quality feeds to the shrimp and fish, contributing to their healthy growth.

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