Pet Food Processing line

A variety of pet foods can be produced on the pellet mill line, including dog food, cat food, bird food, and bird food. Unique to this pet food production process is the feed extrusion procedure whereby the mash feed is expanded while quickly vaporizing the moisture in it using a combination of dry and wet extrusion methods.

A high level of flexibility allows users to adjust the feed size, shape and moisture content according to a specific formulation. Colorants, flavoring agents, and various admixtures can be added to the feed as well. Listed below are some of many pet food processing lines we've made for customers.
100-7000kg/h dog food production line
100-7000kg/h cat food production line
100-7000kg/h turtle food production line
100-7000kg/h bird food production line

Turnkey Project Service
From standalone pellet mill to complete pellet production line to scratch-built pellet plant, Qidong Machinery is your one-stop source for commercial feed production equipment. For newbies in the food processing industry, our turnkey project is bound to benefit you by supplying not only all the food equipment needed, but also complete plant design, layout, commissioning, installation, and operator training services.

Production Process Flow

1. Pre-treatment
2. Cleaning

Dust Collector
Magnetic Drum
Drum Pre-cleaner
Gyratory Screener
3. Crushing
Hammer Mill
4. Flow Distribution
Rotary Distributor
5. Mixing

6. Extrusion
Twin-screw extruder
7. Conveying
Bucket Elevator
8. Drying
Pellet Dryer
9. Coating
Fat coater
10. Cooling
Pellet Cooler
11. Packing
Packing Machine

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