Meat Patty Processing Line

A burger is a patty served on a bun. Advances in burger patty machine technology have got burger production down to a production line process. Highlighted on this page is a burger patty processing line, where patty is shaped, and coated with batter, flour and breadcrumbs. Via changing in and out different molds, the meat patty processing line can pound out various patty shapes.

Other than patties, the patty machine is also used to prepare cutlets, croquettes, and filets. The chicken nuggets, pumpkin croquettes, and potato pies we eat daily can be all made on the burger patty forming machine.

Types of Meat Patty Processing Lines
Beef patty production line
Chicken nugget production line
Onion ring, squid ring production line
Fish fillet, shrimp fillet production lien
Popcorn chicken, popcorn fish production line
Chicken finger, potato pie production line

Burger patty former
Batter applicator
Flour applicator
Breading applicator

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