Frying Snack Food Processing Line

On the frying snack food processing line, flour, potato starch or corn starch is extruded, cooked, shaped, dried, fried, and flavored to produce crunchy, savory fried snacks in a variety of shapes, including shells, spirals, squares and tubes.

This frying snack food processing line is an upgrade to the original extruded snacks processing line. What really sets it apart from is elder cousin is the unique extrusion process that yields eye-catching puffy snacks which taste great. No wonder the equipment could become a customer favorite.

Process Flow
Raw material preparation → Mixing → Feeding → Extrusion → Conveying → Cut-off → Air-dry → Drying → Frying → Flavoring → Packaging

Auger conveyor
Screw extruder, cooker
Cut-off machine
Counter-flow cooler
Drying machine
Automatic frying machine
Flavoring system
Packing machine

Technical Specifications
Model No. Installed Power Power Consumption Motor Power Output Capacity Installed Dimensions
SPH-65 35KW 22-30KW 22KW 100-200KG 15*2.5*4M
SPH-70 45KW 30-35KW 30KW 150-300KG 16*2.5*4M
SPH-85 55KW 35-40KW 37KW 300-500KG 27*2.5*4.5M

Turn-key Service
1. We help your find out the best factory layout design, provide installation drawings and deliver expert advice on the most suitable machine model.
2. Prior to shipping, we check over the entire production line for any quality issues.
3. After goods arrive at your place, we send professionals to your factory for on-site installation and commissioning service.
4. Operator training service trains your staff into excellent front-line operators.
5. Basic snack recipes are available as well.

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