Snack Food Project
As a leading expert in extruded feed and food machinery, we have helped customers on the design, installation and servicing of feed and food production lines for more than a decade. By now, we have built up a client base spanning the globe in dozens of countries and regions, including Japan,Iraq, Bangladesh, India,Italy, and Argentina. On our website, customers will find a variety of food processing equipment, including the Breakfast Corn Flakes Processing Line, leisure snacks production line, and cream-filled snacks production line, among various others. Call us to know more on the food machinery.
The breakfast corn flakes processing line featured on this page is built on world-leading extrusion technology. A high level of automation allows the food processing equipment to do mixing, pressing, drying and extrusion in one run. The resultant corn flakes make a perfect breakfast as it can be re-infused many times without losing its flavor or structural integrity, all the while giving a smooth mouth feel and rich corn taste over each brew.
Nothing beats snacks with center fillings. In the twin-screw extruder, both the extrudate and filling are combined into concentric streams at the die before they are shaped into pillows, tubes or bars. Fillings can be of virtually any flavor. Creams, chocolates, and peanut butter are typical. Co-extruded snacks have a richer flavor than ordinary ones. Their cuts can be curved or straight, open or sealed.
We offer puffed snack food processing line in various models, configurations, and sizes. At the heart of this snack processing line is the twin-screw extruder where the pre-mixed extrudate is cooked, plasticized, sheared and pushed through the holes of the die at the end of the extruder barrel.
This frying snack food processing line is an upgrade to the original extruded snacks processing line. What really sets it apart from is elder cousin is the unique extrusion process that yields eye-catching puffy snacks which taste great. No wonder the equipment could become a customer favorite.
Over a long period of research and development, our design of artificial nutrition rice processing line finally comes to fruition. The state-of-the-art food processing line takes broken rice grains as raw material, crush them, extrude them, and re-shape them into complete rice shapes. The resultant artificial rice is suitable for those who suffer from high blood pressure, blood sugar or blood cholesterol.
A burger is a patty served on a bun. Advances in burger patty machine technology have got burger production down to a production line process. Highlighted on this page is a burger patty processing line, where patty is shaped, and coated with batter, flour and breadcrumbs. Via changing in and out different molds, the meat patty processing line can pound out various patty shapes.