Breakfast Corn Flakes Processing Line

The breakfast corn flakes processing line featured on this page is built on world-leading extrusion technology. A high level of automation allows the food processing equipment to do mixing, pressing, drying and extrusion in one run. The resultant corn flakes make a perfect breakfast as it can be re-infused many times without losing its flavor or structural integrity, all the while giving a smooth mouth feel and rich corn taste over each brew.

Depending on the demand for corn flakes in your local market, we can supply breakfast corn flakes processing lines in different capacity ranges including 100-200kg, 150-300kg, and 250-400kg. Over our history of product development and innovation, the breakfast corn flakes processing line has experienced several major improvements which bring the equipment to what it is today.

The first improvement is using cornmeal instead of previous corn kernels as raw material. The second change is to the extruder, as we now use a double-screw extruder for continuous extrusion. This improved extrusion method produces more uniform size grains with better taste. The last innovation is in the drying zone where we subject corn flakes to a higher temperature which brings out the best flavor in them.

Production Process
Cornmeal→Batching→Cooking(pre-conditioning), extrusion→Cut to size→Pre-drying→Tablet press→Drying at high temperature→Corn flakes

1. Mixer
2. Auger conveyor
3. Twin-screw extruder
4. Blower
5. Tablet press
6. Belt conveyor
7. Drying machine
8. Belt dryer
9. Rotary drum dryer (baking)
10. Elevator
11. Spray coating
12. Belt conveyor
13. Drying oven
14. Cooling conveyor

Technical Specifications
Model Installed Power Power Consumption Main Motor Power Yield Installed Dimensions
SPH-65 35KW 22-30KW 22KW 100-200KG 15×2.5 ×4M
SPH-70 45KW 30-35KW 30KW 150-300KG 16×2.5 ×4M
SPH-85 55KW 35-40KW 37KW 300-500KG 27×2.5 ×4.5M
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