Artificial Nutrition Rice Processing Line

Over a long period of research and development, our design of artificial nutrition rice processing line finally comes to fruition. The state-of-the-art food processing line takes broken rice grains as raw material, crush them, extrude them, and re-shape them into complete rice shapes. The resultant artificial rice is suitable for those who suffer from high blood pressure, blood sugar or blood cholesterol.

Auger conveyor
Twin-screw extruder
Counter-flow cooler
Conveying blower
Multi-tier conveyor oven
Conveying blower
Rice polisher

Both dry and wet extrusion features are available for you to choose from. Length of the entire artificial nutrition rice processing line varies from 15m to 50m. Maximum output capacity is up to 5000kg/h. A total of 6 food machine models are provided as well, listed as follows.

Technical Specifications
Model No. Installed Power Power Consumption Motor Power Output Capacity Installed Dimensions
SPH-65 (dry extrusion) 35KW 22-30KW 22KW 100-200KG 15×2.5×4M
SPH-70 (dry extrusion) 35KW 22-30KW 22KW 150-300KG 16×2.5×4M
SPH-70 (wet extrusion) 45KW 32-40KW 22KW 250-400KG 27×2.5×4.5M
SPH-90 (wet extrusion) 105KW 80-95KW 55KW 1000-2000KG 39×2.5×5M
SPH-95 (wet extrusion) 200KW 128-150KW 110KW 2000-3000KG 43×2.5×6M
SPH-130 (wet extrusion) 280KW 200-240KW 200KW 3000-5000KG 50×6×8M

Turnkey Project Service
1. Provides expert advice on current snack market trend, production equipment, process, raw material, and snack packaging.
2. Suggests on model selection, process flow design, and factory layout. On-site technical service is available upon request.
3. We design, manufacture, and try out your artificial nutrition rice processing line to ensure it fits your needs. Operator training service is available.
4. Offers a reasonable packaging and shipping plan.
5. One-year quality guarantee. Replacement parts are ready to ship.
6. Produces components to be used on processing lines manufactured by our competitors.

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