Double Shaft Mixer

Hotels, food factories and restaurants are all heavy users of our double shaft mixer. Able to rotate at a high speed, the mixer delivers high power, efficiency and excellent mixing results. Choices of output include 150kg/h, 250kg/h, and 350kg/h.
Twin-Shaft Paddle Mixer
High-Speed Mixer

The double shaft mixer is an import component of the food processing line, as it mixes foods and animal feeds in a fast, hygienic manner.

Technical Specifications
Model T15 T25 T50
Output Capacity 150kg /h 250kg /h 350kg /h
Power Y90L-41.5kw, 380v Y100L 2-43kw, 380v Y100L-43kw, 380v
Tray diameter 400mm 480mm 580mm
Screw speed 260r/min 285r/min 285r/min
V-belt A1295 A1473 A1600
Dimensions 660x440x990mm 830x535x1040mm 930x660x1160mm
Weight 85kg 100kg 150kg
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