Hammer Mill

The SFSP series hammer mill as part of the food processing line is designed and developed on the basis of a similar predecessor, the full circle hammer mill. It comes with a wider screen than that of a full circle model to provide a nearly full coverage of the rotor. Great for crushing raw materials used in mid and large-size poultry and aquatic feed factories, the hammer mill is also utilized to handle pasture grasses and medicinal herbs as well as other granular materials including corns, wheat, beans, sorghum, and crushed bread in food manufacturing and animal feed pelleting industries.

Features of Hammer Mill
1. A powerful alternative to an ordinary hammer mill, providing 45% to 90% improvements in efficiency.
2. When fitted with 0.8mm or 1.0mm diameter screens, the hammer mill produces very fine particles without clogging up the mesh.
3. Ventilation feature allows particles to pass through the mesh faster. It also contributes to a lower chamber temperature and increased production yield.

Technical Specifications
Model Power( kw ) Output Capacity (t/h)
SFSP 65 × 38 30/37 5-8
SFSP65 × 45 45/55 7-11
SFSP65 × 60 55/75 9-15
SFSP65 × 75 75/90/110 13-20
SFSP65 × 80 90/110/132 16-25
SFSP65 × 100 110/132/160 19-32
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