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Permanent Magnetic Cylinder

Qidong's permanent magnetic cylinder is the magnetic answer to removal of unwanted metal encountered in feed and food industry. As the drum rotates, it draws magnetic materials on its surface, preventing them from damaging valuable food processing equipment in subsequent processes.

Features of Permanent Magnetic Cylinder
1. Rugged stainless steel drum construction removes more than 98% of ferrous metals from valuable food or feed material. At the core of the drum is a permanent rare-earth magnet delivering very high magnetic field strength of more than 3000 gauss.
2. Easy to set up while taking up little floor space.
3. Reinforced opening latches prevent the magnetic door from falling off.
4. No external power supply is needed.
5. Limited maintenance.

Technical Specifications
Magnet diameter (mm) Φ150 Φ200 Φ250 Φ300 Φ400
Drum diameter (mm) Φ 300 Φ 400 Φ 480 Φ 540 Φ 680
Height (mm) 740 740 874 920 1190
Productivity (t/h) Powders 10 20 35 45 65
Granules 15 30 50 70 75
Iron removal efficiency ≥ 50%
Magnetic field strength ≥ 3000GS
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