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Snack Food Machinery

    1. Burger Patty Forming Machine

      This automatic burger patty forming machine can automatically fills the mold plate with minced meat, mashed potato, or fish fillet, mold them into various shapes.

Making all these taste burger patties you come to love is now an easy peasy with our automatic forming machine. This automatic burger patty forming machine is surely the great way to complete your burger or slider making tasks.
Instead of getting your hands messy and sticky with flour, food manufacturers and restaurant cooks can use a Preduster to spread flour on the food being prepared for frying or baking.
Breading food by hand is an unpopular task and one the of messiest food prep activities in your food factory or restaurant. Let Qidong breading machine take care of the tedious breading tasks all the while ensuring consistent breading quality.
Anyone who's ever been involved in the food frying process perhaps knows how frustrating the battering task is. Wouldn't it be nice if there is a battering machine that frees your hands from the gloppy, sticky batter?

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