Breading Machine

Breading food by hand is an unpopular task and one the of messiest food prep activities in your food factory or restaurant. Let Qidong breading machine take care of the tedious breading tasks all the while ensuring consistent breading quality.

With this breading machine, you can bread a variety of food including chicken, beef, pork, and seafood like fish and shrimps with either fine or coarse breadcrumbs.

Features of Breading Machine
1. Can be used with battering machine, patty former and fryer to make up a continuous food processing line.
2. Optimized circulating system reduces the chances of breadcrumb breakage.
3. Variable frequency drive allows for easy speed adjustment and standardized production.
4. Stainless steel breader comes with SIEMENS electronic parts and integrated safety system for reliability in operation.

Technical Specifications of Breading Machine
Belt speed range: 3-15m/min (variable speed control)
Inlet height: 1050±70mm
Outlet height: 1050±70mm
Wire belt width: 200, 400, 600, 900, 1000mm
Power: 3.7KW
Dimensions: 2638×1056×2280mm (variable speed control)

Related Names
Automatic Stainless Steel Breading Machine | Fresh Crumbs Breading Machine | Crumbing Machine

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