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Preduster (Flouring Machine)

Instead of getting your hands messy and sticky with flour, food manufacturers and restaurant cooks can use a preduster to spread flour on the food being prepared for frying or baking. The flouring machine uses two tiers of wire belts to do the flouring job.

As food is moved forward on the lower belt that has flour on it to stick the food to the belt, the flour carried on the upper belt spreads over the food as it passes through the vibratory screen. The flour coated food then passes under the compression roller which compresses flour further into the food. After that, an air knife is used to blow excess flour off of the food surface.

Features of Preduster
1. Other than flouring, the preduster can apply bread crumbs to food to be fried or baked on a food processing line.
2. Not only can the flouring machine be used alone, but it also works perfectly with the battering machine and breading applicator to form a complete food prep line.
3. A powerful blower and vibrator are used to remove loose flour coating from the food.
4. Screw conveyor can be closed and opened easily for hassle-free clean-up. It also comes with a reliable safety system.
5. The screw conveyor is suitable for handling various powder types including starch, flour, and a combination of the two.
6. SIEMENS electronic parts for reliability and safety. Easy to clean. Built to HACCP standards.

Technical Specifications
Conveyor belt speed range: 3-15m/min
Inlet height: 970±100mm
Output height: 1050±50mm
Wire belt width: 400, 600, 900, 1000mm
Power: 2.93KW
Dimensions: 2655×1035×2150

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