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Automatic Burger Patty Forming Machine

Making all these taste burger patties you come to love is now an easy peasy with our automatic burger patty forming machine. This automatic burger patty forming machine is surely the great way to complete your burger or slider making tasks, as it automatically fills the mold plate with minced meat, mashed potato, or fish fillet, mold them into various shapes, dispense finished patties with wax paper attached to their bottom.

By swapping in different molds, the automatic burger patty forming machine can knock out various patty shapes, hearts, squares, ovals, triangles, pentagons, rounds and other profiles. What better way to spice up your meal with a burger patty, chicken nugget, pumpkin croquette, or a potato pie accomplished by this patty making machine?

The automatic burger patty forming machine is absolutely important food equipment for any burger patty production line.

Features of Automatic Burger Patty Forming Machine
1. Hydraulic parts are purchased from and factory assembled by world's most reputable hydraulics companies, including VICERS, Rexroth, and HYDAC. Pneumatic components are bought from Festo. These transmission parts enable a high level of automation in mold filling, shape forming and finished food dispensing.
2. Easy mold adjustment and replacement.
3. Reliable, effortless pressure adjustment for patty weight control
4. Water spray system makes it easier to remove patty from the mold.
5. Dependable safety features
6. Siemens touch-screen, CPU operating system, and machine fault alarm system allow for easy adjustment and control.
4. Used with batter applicator, breading applicator and fryer for continuous production.
5. Stainless steel construction, built in line with HACPP requirements.

Technical Specifications
Model Installed power Belt width Max. diameter Thickness of patty Capacity Dimensions
CXJ100-II 0.55kw 130mm 105mm 6-40mm 35pcs/min 860 ×600 ×1400mm
CXJ400-III 11.12kw 400mm 135mm 200-400kg/h 2820 ×850 ×2150mm
CXJ600-III 15.12kw 600mm 150mm 500-1000kg/h 3200 ×1200 ×2450mm

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