Belt-feeding Packing Machine

What you see on this page is a semi-automatic net weight filling system, which has been widely used to weigh powder or granular products and fill them into bags. We don't call the machine semi-automatic for nothing, as the belt-feeding packing machine still needs manual handling rather than delivering a fully automatic operation.

Industries such as building materials, chemical engineering and fertilizers are heavy buyers of this net weight filling system. With a packing speed of 150 to 200 bags per hour, the net weight filling system comes with a belt conveyor to facilitate transfer.

The belt-feeding packing machine is an important supplement to any food processing equipment as it packs up your snacks, feeds and foods in a fast and hygienic fashion. It is commonly seen in food extrusion and animal feed pelleting process.

Technical Specifications
Model LCS-PD-25 LCS-PD-50
Weighing Capacity Range 10-50KG/BAG 25-50KG/BAG
Weight Accuracy ±0.2%FS ± 0.2%FS
Power 0.75-1.1KW 0.75-1.1KW
Air supply 0.4-0.6Mpa 0.4-0.6Mpa
Output Capacity 150-220 bags/h 150-220 bags/h
Dimensions 1.7×0.8×2.4m 1.7×0.8×2.5m
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