Rotary Sifter

Features of Rotary Sifter
1. SFJS series rotary sifter is typically used with other food service equipment on a food processing line. It combines three movement styles into one operation: circular, oval and linear motions. These complex movements enable a high accuracy in separating granular materials or powders into groups of similar sizes.
2. Belt drive, off-center weight (for creating vibration)
3. All four ends of the screener come with spring-loaded supports to dampen noise and vibration.
4. The whole screening structure allows for modification according to your site conditions as the screener can be hung under the ceiling with wear-resistant steel ropes.
5. The casing and the massive screening frame can be made into one piece or two separate parts. In either configuration, the casing is lightweight, strong, and keeps out external contamination during operation.
6. Screen change can be easily done with little effort.

Technical Specifications
Model Main Motor Power Output Capacity
Granular Materials Powders
SFJH80x2 1.5kw 5-8t/h 3-5t/h
SFJH100x2 2.2kw 8-10t/h 6-8t/h
SFJH110x2 3kw 10-12t/h 7 -10t/h
SFJH125x2 4kw 12-15t/h 8-12t/h
SFJH130x2 4kw 12-16t/h 10-14t/h
SFJH150x2 5.5kw 16-22t1/h 14-18t/h
SFJH155x2 5.5kw 22-30t/h 18-22t/h
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