Fat Coater

The SPTY series fat coater sprays fish oils and other nutritious fluids over particles being tumbled in the drum to enhance their flavor. Popular uses of our fat coater are in the pellet plant and food extrusion facility to coat extruded foods or pellets with grease, vitamin, and enzyme preparations, among other heat-sensitive nutrients and drugs.

Features of Fat Coater
1. Spray nozzles give even coverage of pellet feeds and extruded foods.
2. As the drum rotates, it gently tumbles products to ensure uniform coating.

Technical Specifications
Model Fat coating volume Main motor power Oil pump power Capacity
SYGT63 30-300L 1.5KW 0.75KW 1-4t/h
SYGT92 70-700L 3KW 1.5KW 5-10t/h
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