Pellet Mill

Built for high efficiency and long use life, the SZLH series pellet mill is most often used in food manufacturing and animal feed pelleting to create high quality pellet feeds, though other materials can be pelletized with it as well. To address feed hygiene concerns, we use quality stainless steel to construct all feed contact parts. Optimized discharge system minimizes residuals making subsequent cleaning work easier all the while preventing cross-contamination. Excellent hygienic conditions can be maintained all the time.

Features of Pellet Mill
1. High-precision gear is used for high reliability and efficiency in motion transmission.
2. Key parts of the transmission system are fitted with imported bearing and oil seal for long life and quiet run.
3. Stainless steel hopper comes with a variable frequency drive and variable-pitch screw that prevents arching.
Note that an arch is an arch-shaped obstruction that forms within the hopper near the outlet. Arching or bridging is a flow problem that prevents the discharge of remaining materials.
4. A big stainless steel feeder is used to prolong the time for pre-conditioning.
5. Imported machining center is used to machine the framework of this pellet mill. The resultant die holes are precise in size.
6. Case hardened gear wheels and gear shafts have been put through carburizing and quenching process for stability, low noise, and longevity.
7. Iron removal and overload protection features are available for maximum protection.
8. Tapered grid couplings give maximum compensation for angular misalignment, resulting in smoother rotation.
9. The pre-conditioner can come with a number of insulation jackets or two screws in different diameters.

Technical Specifications
Model Motor Power Production Capacity (t/h) Feeder Power ( kw )
SZLH32 37 2-5 1.5
SZLH35 55 3-7 1.5
SZLH400 75/90 3-10 1.5
SZLH420 110 3-12 1.5
SZLH508 132/160 4-15 1.5

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